Lewes Yoga Haywards Heath

Embracing our shadow, to

Go beyond our fears and blocks and find freedom.

Connect to the love, peace, joy and happiness

within ourselves that is often hidden.

A Doctors opinion:


"Paul is an understated gem. Having worked as a GP and experienced mental health difficulties myself, I am convinced that his approach is one of the few that has the potential to heal. Nearly every other therapeutic approach I have encountered, both personally and professionally, is about management and symptom control. His simple (not to be equated with easy) yet profound therapeutic style and philosophy has enabled me to recover from some devastating effects of traumatic stress which I hadn't thought possible. If I hadn't found him, my only hope would have been long-term medication and significant limitations to my life. He embodies kindness".




Go beyond Yoga regular workshops in Oxford/Bucks, Brighton/Lewes or One on one personal sessions are available, working with the mindfulness based practice of

iRest Yoga Nidra and Systemic Family Constellation. 

Empowering you to help manage the negative patterns, stresses and tensions that build up in people's lives, deepening awareness to manage your life more easily.


Go Beyond old destructive patterns and restricting beliefs

that govern so many people's lives to have all you dream of.

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Go beyond thoughts and feelings, connect

with your inner power and peacefulness.



Paul is without doubt one of life’s great treasures.  He combines wisdom with great love and intuition with genuine compassion.  If you are looking for someone to guide you through the process of coming to terms with past trauma or to understand destructive patterns of behaviour, I could not recommend Paul more highly.  He is incredibly skilful at holding a space where difficult issues can be explored and has the rare ability to facilitate the exposure of deeply held emotions whilst always being kind, gentle, considerate and non prescriptive.  If you have the courage to want to understand and work with the patterns of behaviour, thinking and emotional states that may have held you back for so long, you can be assured that Paul will be there supporting you every step of the way.  Working with Paul has been possibly the most profoundly moving and transformational experience of my life and with his guidance I have been able to begin healing and to become more whole.  No longer do I have to live in the shadow of fear and in the grip of limiting beliefs about myself and others and for this I am deeply and eternally grateful to Paul. - Sarah G

I was recommended to Paul and am simply amazed at the benefits after only 4 one-to-one sessions.  Paul’s approach made me feel instantly at ease and safe, and through his gentle coaxing I have finally been able to understand so much more about the mental and physical constraints I have hung on to, and I felt totally safe to address them.  As a result I found a confidence and positive energy which I now plan to build on! - Jenny L


Rarely do you meet such a compassionate, kind person, so full of love. Totally devoted to the work he does and genuinely wanting to help.
l don't know anyone that l wouldn't recommend Paul to, benefiting anyone wanting to free themselves of fears or phobias, traumas or difficult past experiences, allowing them to move on.
Again l thank Paul for how he's helped me. 

Carrie T


Amazing how proper breathing can help let go of everything.
Tamsin C


The gentle guidance given in these yoga sessions welcomes a profound opening of the joints, unfolding and releasing long held tension. In the supportive environment expertly held and led by Paul, an exploration of this tension is welcomed, and as a result the space created where once there seemed to be none leads not only the desired increased mobility but also laughter, both of which resonate throughout my week and makes me so glad I made the effort to go to the yoga practice. 

Frithe (Brighton)

‘I found the session extremely powerful I was able to understand and resolve a huge limiting pattern in my life through Paul’s intuitive questioning and reflecting, it was like finding the missing piece of the jigsaw and making it whole again! Thank you so much.’ – David R


Through Paul’s teachings I have felt so much more in touch with myself, finally listening to the messages and tensions in the body, finding freedom from that tension and becoming much more present and calm in my head, learning how to let go of negative thought patterns and truly understanding and feeling what it means to be detached from the chaotic mind, understanding what it means to be the observer of the mind rather than being controlled by it.
This has all had a massive healing effect on me and my whole family and I am eternally grateful.
Victoria (Brighton)


Paul's yoga work is a wonderful opportunity of physical self-exploration - gentle & loving.

Debbie B


Paul's workshops and courses provide an amazing opportunity for people from all walks of life to experience personal transformation and a reconnection to the infinite wellspring of health healing and happiness that exists within us all.

I would recommend his workshops and courses to anyone that is serious about creating change and talking control of their life.
Kim (Sussex)