You've got nothing to lose but tension


Paul Collins (IYN) Registered Yoga Elder

iRest Yoga Nidra meditation certified teacher


Paul has trained and studied Yoga, meditation, breath work and dance practices with renowned teachers from all around the world.   His classes and workshops integrate the iRest Yoga Nidra body sensing protocol. He has used yoga and meditation to transform his once stress filled chaotic life to find peace and contentment. He shares his practice with anyone suffering or struggling with lifeincluding  military veterans and has worked in rehabs, mental health units and prison as well as with people coping with the stresses of daily life. His purpose in life is to help people to find light in dark places and heal the effect of trauma or unconscious pain, to find freedom from fear and connect with your underlying peacefulness. 

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I appreciate your interest in my work and the opportunity to share my own Yoga practice that has come about from 15 years of serious self-enquiry and a search for love, peace and happiness.


I experienced a dramatic change in my lifestyle that started in 1999, I have had a consistent daily personal practice for over 16 years after experiencing some transformative Yoga breath kriya practices at The Relational Yoga Mandarim.


As a former Royal Marine Commando I had regularly practiced different forms of physical fitness over the years in an attempt to stay healthy. Yoga came into my life as I was looking for something different, I wasn’t sure what, but knew I had to change as I was barely surviving in a busy, chaotic, corporate lifestyle. I was chasing external happiness and fixes that was making life completely unmanageable which eventually bought me to my knees.


Since my first Yoga teacher training in 2002 I have been fully committed and dedicated to Yoga as a way of life, which continues with a constant ongoing self-study. Practicing daily for over 16 years has helped me understand the mechanics of the body, supported by numerous courses, workshops and teachers. Working weekly under the guidance of John Stirk for 8 years up until May 2014 and certifying as iRest Yoga Nidra mediation teacher after an 8 year training with Richard Miller PhD, have been my two main influences, as I now share this understanding of physical movement, integrated with the iRest protocol as a form of body sensing Asana.


I have been fascinated and motivated due to my own experiences of dealing with effect of supressed  emotional pain and trauma, the desire for peace from with the hurt that it causes to ourselves and others.


Its my desire to share my own experience of connecting to a natural wellbeing, to share the tools available and practice that I have found useful in helping to find love and freedom. Ways to understanding and integrate the coping mechanism and survival techniques used to avoid the pain, yet experiencing how transformative, beautiful and freeing it can be to make peace with the hurt. 


The union gained through a Yoga practice, not to just stretch the body, but the integration of the whole being, mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves and to connect spiritually to the universe. 





My practice and teaching has been influenced working with many inspirational teachers that I have had the great fortune to work with. After spending time studying breath work, often in silence and isolation at the Relational Yoga Mandarim, I travelled the world furthering my studies. Searching and working with teachers such as Swami Dharmananda at the International Vishwaguru institute (Rishikesh), Dr David Beales as a breath practitioner, Shiva Rea with Yoga Trance dance, Richard Miller PhD iRestYoga Nidra Level 1 and 11, breath work with Bill Feaney, intensive Asana work with Ellen Lee at the Bushey school of Yoga, a Yoga and mental health course with Satyananda UK and more recently Psoas core awareness and somatic movement with Liz Koch after many years of practice guided by John Stirk. I also attended Brighton College to study Reflexology and Thai Yoga massage with the Metta College as well as other regular classes, courses, seminars and retreats.



Yoga took time to grow on me with a lot of resistance initially, but something inside was calling and keeping me going. Something deep inside me knew it was what I needed, which I now believe to be the meditative spiritual practice of self-enquiry, incorporating the physical body and mental aspects that attracted me. The complete union and integration with a Yoga practice. Even though I have struggled with meditation over the years it’s fundamental to my life now in order to live in this busy world.


The same principles and way of working are taken into the constellation, Movements of the Soul meditation work. Slow subtle movements are used where participants are invited to listen to the bodies intelligence, rather than reacting or responding from the conscious conditioned mind. Integrating my yoga and meditation practice with my training as a Systemic family constellation facilitator. Presenting workshops and one on one sessions with movements of the soul meditation work, using slow movements which are required when working on the reintegration of trauma, rather than quick superficial fixes.


Training in the art of facilitating constellation work I have worked with various teachers and trainings, firstly with Vivian Brougton and Barbara Morgan, then Svagito Leibermeister. I have also done a fundamental principles and practice of systemic organisational course with Caroline Ward. Working with Vivian introduced me to trauma work within constellations, while I've also done a specialist trauma course with Svagito. Along with the iRest training and some of the Warriors at Ease programme have given me the tools to be working with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which I now combine in Movements of the Soul Meditation workshops.