Learning to heal and feel through the breath.

The Healing power of the breath!

Experience how the breath is key to your health and general well-being, the natural healing tool we all possess.


Explore it's links to the mind, emotions and physical body.


Undo some of the tensions that we have continually picked up throughout our lives. Experience how with a deeper connection and understanding to the breath you can can get a deeper connection to the felt sense of who you really are.  Connect to the perfect healer and experience how when you allow the breath to do it's own thing naturally, rather than imposing on it from a disrupted or damaged state we free ourselves up to something much greater. 


In the online group breath-work session I will share my experiences of travelling the world studying the breath. Working with numerous teachers, doctors and practitioners and with my own daily practice for nearly 20 years to help me ultimately understand the simplicity of how to work with the breath and it's power.


Breath Kriya workshops Saturday 

September 11th, October 9th and November 13th.

10:00am - 12:30pm

Flackwell Heath Community centre,

Nr High Wycombe

£35 each or £90 for 3 (Can be mixed with bodysensing movement)

More dates from Jan 2022

The Hamsa Kriya Trance breath


An opportunity to delve deeper into who we are with a Transformational Kriya yoga breath-work practice.


In the group breath-work you are taken on a journey beyond the conscious mind to explore our unconscious patterns held in the Kundalini, to help let go of the past pain & programming that restricts us.


This process can often result in a deep experience & practitioners are advised to feel ready for a powerful process that can unlock and release suppressed emotions and feelings. Participants often report a profound sense of peace and contentment from the practice when completed

The importance of good breathing


Helps to manages emotions such as Anger, Anxiety & Fear.


  •           Reduces stress


  •           Induces peace & calm


  •           Helps to clear the mind & let go


  •           Balances the nervous system


  •           A more efficient immune system


  •           Harmonises the mind & body


  •           Maintains healthy body chemistry (acid / alkaline balance)


  •           Improves circulation of blood & lymph flow


  •           Improved natural healing


  •           Reduces blood pressure


  •           Improves digestion


  •           Helps weight control


  •           Rejuvenates the skin



The breath affects the function of almost every major system in the body.