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The Healing Power of breath!  the natural healing tool we all possess, experience how the breath is a key to your health & general well being. Explore it's links to the mind, emotions and physical body, undo some of the tensions that we continually pick up living in a busy world with a deeper understanding & connection to the breath.  


The Hamsa Kriya Trance breath


An opportunity to delve deeper into who we are with a Transformational Kriya yoga breath-work practice.


In the group breath-work you are taken on a journey beyond the conscious mind to explore our unconscious patterns held in the Kundalini, to help let go of the past pain & programming that restricts us.


This process can often result in a deep experience & practitioners are advised to feel ready for a powerful process that can unlock and release suppressed emotions and feelings. Participants often report a profound sense of peace and contentment from the practice when completed

The importance of good breathing


Helps to manages emotions such as Anger, Anxiety & Fear.


  •           Reduces stress


  •           Induces peace & calm


  •           Helps to clear the mind & let go


  •           Balances the nervous system


  •           A more efficient immune system


  •           Harmonises the mind & body


  •           Maintains healthy body chemistry (acid / alkaline balance)


  •           Improves circulation of blood & lymph flow


  •           Improved natural healing


  •           Reduces blood pressure


  •           Improves digestion


  •           Helps weight control


  •           Rejuvenates the skin



The breath affects the function of almost every major system in the body.