Restoring Wholeness, Integrating the Shadow.

Introducing Non-dual meditation and Systemic constellation mapping.



Using the mindfulness, body sensing practice of iRest (integrative restoration) and Systemic family constellation mapping we create a visual and emotional image of our family system or parts of ourselves.


This allows us explore the beliefs we may be caught up in by mapping the opposites and dialoguing with the root cause and where they were formed. 


Some of these beliefs and patterns may be ancestral and continually repeated within the family. By giving them space and bringing them to light it allows the shadows to fall away. Some may say, let sleeping dogs lie, but they can have a deep impact on our daily lives and how we interact with others.


In the group workshops a map is created using other participants as representatives, revealing what is missing, blocked or out of balance. In doing this we are able to integrate and heal old wounds, allowing our lives and relationships to flow more freely.


This live map allows for a felt experience and understanding of the dynamics that may affect a person from personal and past ancestral trauma and the conditioning experienced within the family unit which form the beliefs we live our life by.


Through this process we are able to experience any conscious and unconscious patterns that we may be caught up in. It allows for an integration and deeper understanding of these beliefs which affect we see the world, the experiences and dynamics of the family system of origin impacts on our daily lives and influences current relationships.


'Thank you. I have never seen something uncover so much in so many people in such a short time... Astonishing!'

Howard St John Director

'Working with Paul with Constellation Workshops has proven to be more real, powerful, grounded and more transformational than working with Ayahuasca'

Daniel (Sussex)

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We can bring to light the shadow, to see what someone, often with a great deal of effort, has been trying to avoid, resist and exclude in their lives causing pain and suffering. It can reveal how and why individuals have worked so hard using survival techniques and different coping mechanisms to get through life.


These may well be ancestral patterns that have been passed on unconsciously down the family line that are currently being repeated through loyalties and love to the family of origin. This pain often shows up in destructive patterns that we keep on repeating in our lives. When these patterns are revealed, when the unseen is seen, we can start to heal and bring about changes in our life with more awareness and freedom.

In a workshop or one on one, the issue holder or client presents an issue that they would like to work on. In the group workshops other participants are asked to represent either family members or aspects of the person to allow the live map to be created. In a one on one session, markers are used instead of group participants. The representatives or markers are placed in the held safe space where a picture unfolds in which the client can get a greater understanding, to see and feel more clearly, the dynamics of what is the cause of the problem and understand what has been playing out in their life. This allows for an integration, a greater acceptance and reconciliation where splits have occurred, allowing for healing and freedom of the pattern that has created difficulty in their life. 


We may know what is going on mentally with old uncomfortable patterns that seem to keep appearing in our lives. But when we can see, experience and dialogue with these parts using the mapping we are able to get a much deeper perspective of it and new found freedom. We are able to experience why certain people or experiences have kept us stuck or pulled us back to old patterns past and loyalties.

Next group workshops

Restoring Wholeness.. Integrating the shadow


Healing trauma with iRest meditation and 

Systemic Constellation workshops

Flackwell Heath Community centre

1 Swains Ln, Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe

HP10 9BN

Sunday 23rd January 2022

10:00am - 5:00pm

Cost is £80 or £75 Prepaid by January 14th or £65 if paid by December 28th

for the workshop.

2022 dates

Sunday March 20th, May 15th, July 17th.

Some bursary places are available if needed via our Non profit project, 

Thrive Inside delivering iRest meditation within prisons.

We will cover the basics of non-dual meditation and then map belief systems to observe the internal dialogue of the mind.  There will a chance for people to do their own piece of work or act as a representative. All workshop attendees act as representatives, taking the places of people or parts of the self using constellation mapping work. Being a representative can be very healing and gives people the chance to be a part of the workshop without doing their own piece of work. As you witness someone else piece and take part in others work it will often tap into your own issues which can help you heal yourself.

Also Sunday October 24th 10am -5pm

St Wilfrids Catholic Primary school,

School close

Burgess Hill. RH15 9RJ

Cost is £80 or £75 Prepaid by the end of September or £65 if paid by the end of August.

Sunday 28th November 2021

10:00am - 5:00pm

Westmeston parish hall,

Lewes Rd, Westmeston,

Hassocks Nr Brighton


Cost is £80 or £75 Prepaid by November 21st or £65 if paid by November 7th

for the workshop.

2022 dates

Feb 20th, April 24th, June 19th.

Some bursary places are available if needed via our Non profit project, 

Thrive Inside delivering iRest meditation within prisons.