to Elemental Rhythms


For many people to sit quietly & be with themselves is too much, they are too restless and full of dis-ease. Others would love to move & express themselves but are very self-conscious & restricted in their freedom to move.

This dynamic moving meditation takes you on a journey through a wave of sounds with an eclectic mix of music selected to reflect the elements.


In a session you connect with your core energy through the breath & use subtle movements to loosen any blocks, allowing energy to rise through the body. This encourages you to move naturally & let go. The process can be freeing & is a great way to release the stress of a busy week. More importantly it's fun!


Move your body & soul without the need for substances

'Move' has evolved from my own experiences of finding freedom in dance & the joy at being able to express myself to music without the need for substances. For thousands of years indigenous people have celebrated life through dance & music, but much of that has been lost of any true meaning in modern society and the only way for many people to dance is hidden by drugs and alcohol.

'Move' is a structured process that enables you to express yourself through movement, with a solid framework at the start & end with free space in the middle for self exploration. As well as being fun there is a deeper meaning to the practice as a meditation, where we can watch our judgements and self-imposed limitations from the conscious mind. The dance element is structured from Yoga trance dance teacher training, while the meditation side weaves in the practice and protocol of iRest Yoga Nidra. I also share my experiences as a Yoga teacher working with bodysensing. My choice in music is derived from many years of partying and my love of electronic dance music, now packaged and presented as a conscious dancing, moving meditation.


If we can let go of our rigidity, control, fears & shame it makes us feel lighter and freer as we express ourselves.